Fantasy Premiership Betting

Fantasy Premiership Betting

If you love football, then you will probably find that you are quite good at fantasy premiership betting. Fantasy league games are popular across all types of sport, and football is perhaps the field in which they are the most common, with many different opportunities to join leagues based on the Barclays Premier League alone. There are plenty of different formats and prizes to choose from, from free play leagues that only win you pride, to the paid leagues where the prize money can reach quite a height with many people taking part. It might be worth to check out the following football blog... Football Gamble; a guide to all football news and sport betting.

Generally speaking, there is a certain layout to fantasy premiership betting leagues that is similar to most of those that you would want to take part in. First of all you pay your entrance fee and pick your team name – some people go for a play on the name of an existing team, some just use their own name, and some go for a funny name, the choice is yours. Next you have to pick your actual team! Most leagues will give you a set amount of virtual money to spend, and you will spend this budget on fifteen players who are currently members of teams in the real premiership teams. Once you have made your initial selection you are ready to go, and you can choose who to compete against as well as joining leagues with different stakes! The next thing to do is to wait for the start of the first game week. Each week you will be required to pick your starting eleven players, leaving four on the bench, choose who will be the captain of your team, and make transfers if you want to. Then you have to wait for the rest of the week and the matches that are played to see how many points each of your players will earn you.

There are sure to be other rules as well. Some leagues will prevent you from having more than two or three players from the same real team, so you will not be able to just copy an existing squad. You may also find that you have to pick the right amount of players for each position: two goalkeepers, five defenders, five midfielders, and three forwards would be a normal balance, as this gives you enough players to make transfers and substitutions without any trouble. You will general get points when players achieve certain things: these might include playing for a full match, scoring a goal, defending the goal well (for a goalkeeper), assisting a goal, and so forth. They may even lose points for red or yellow cards!

The winners of fantasy premiership sports betting are normally those who manage to score the most points during the season, and there is usually a grand prize for the overall winner which consists of something more material such as a holiday or a car. This means that you can get great benefits out of your fantasy league participation, even more than just monetary rewards!

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